Our History

LSDI’s initial inception began in 2005 by founder, Ruth Saenz. Ruth’s passion for design along with understanding the value of signage, motivated her to become a self-taught designer opening a Signarama franchise. Quickly realizing the value and the potential that existed in serving government clients, she sold her franchise and started Light Signs Direct, Inc, a certified Women Owned Small Business. Ruth, along with her husband Martin, quickly grew Lighted Signs Direct as a trusted partner with the U.S. Government serving the needs of several Federal Government agencies across the country. In 2019 Ruth, now a proud mother of four young children, realized it was time to pass on her legacy and success. Christopher Stone worked with the founder in acquiring ownership, resulting in a win-win transition for all stakeholders. Christopher has dedicated his time to unlock the firm’s value with an energized, long-term, and devoted commitment. With more than 15 years prior business ownership experience, he brings a seasoned outside entrepreneurial perspective which is proving positive for all the firm’s stakeholders. Martin continues his commitment and passion for business development; meanwhile Ruth has full devotion to being a wonderful mother. Christopher continues to lead the organizational forward.

Our Mission

Our mission is our reason for existence.

It is as enduring as our Company, and is our Company fingerprint that we leave with every one of our stakeholders:

“Bring to life creative and impacting visual communications that inspire business and government stakeholders.”

 Our Company Culture