Chris brings more than 15 years of business ownership experience to our firm. His real world experiences have helped to lead us forward. Chris manages marketing, branding, business development, and senior project management. He sets the framework for how we operate and works to build our team culture by fostering collaboration. Chris also keeps us on the cutting edge of industry technology advancement.

Christopher Stone

Operations Manager / CEO
Alicia works hard to keep the administrative operations running. She brings organization to our team and works to keep projects on schedule ensuring material is in stock and equipment is serviced and running properly. Alicia’s outgoing personality and “I’ll figure it out” attitude is great to have in the office

Alicia Simmons

Administrative Support
Martin, with his wonderful wife Ruth, founded the initial business in 2006. Martin has worked in all facets of business operations. Martin has found his calling in business development. Martin consults with LSDI on key business development initiatives.

Martin Saenz

Sales Manager/Founding Partner
Jhonatan has several years of experience working in civil construction; selling, designing, and managing public and civil works projects. Our team appreciates his creativity, organization, and extreme attention to detail. He is a great problem solver. Jhonatan is also an architect and brings a perspective to our projects that differentiates us and enhances our design capabilities. He is proficient in 3D design using software such as CAD, SketchUp, CorelDraw, ASI, and Adobe.

Jhonatan Zanette

Architect & Designer
Eric has been working as designer in the signage industry for more than 7 years. He has experience in 3D drawing software including SolidWorks, Corel, Adobe, and SAI. Eric works with our team as a designer for graphics, photo manipulations, illustrations, as well as product and exhibit design. Eric is a key team member helping on larger projects, providing design and technical assistance. Eric has a passion for design and enjoys being a hobbyist in product prototyping.

Eric Acosta

Industrial Designer
Tony came to our team as an experienced business owner, having started and managed his own appliance repair company for 20 years. Tony has many skills working with a wide range of machinery including electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and gas engines. Tony has a personal passion as a hobbyist for restoration of antique pinball machines. Tony's broad skill set is valuable to the unique fabrication needs of our business. Always exerting positive energy, he is great to have in the fabrication shop.

Tony Duke

Senior Fabrication Technician
Armida has more than 20 years work experience in design and fabrication of vitrine displays. Armida can make just about anything from acrylic. LSDI looks to Armida for the support and guidance to help us deliver museum quality acrylic displays that are often an integral component of our museum exhibits. Armida also works closely with our fabrication team helping to deliver on many fabrication and installation deliverables.

Armida Jimenez

Fabrication Technician
Don is a veteran of the signage industry with more than 20 years experience. Don is a professional painter who has a long history of working with automobile painting as well as other multi-step spray processes on a variety of substrates. Don is a major contributor in the installation of vinyl applications. Don is a dedicated team member.

Donald McLynn

Senior Paint & Wrap Specialist
Quincy always reminds us of the value of customer service; he greets every visitor with a wet nose and a wagging tag. His energy is always great to have around the office, especially on days when our team is deep in the trenches to meet a project deadline. Quincy is at our side for belly rubs and provide some amusement and unconditional love into our day.


Canine Resident